Wednesday, 23 January 2008

The Shy American

A contradiction in terms, I hear you say!
Most Americans we meet here in Ireland are quite loud, extremely verbose and opinionated, which is fair enough as we Irish love a good row.... so we tend to search them out.
But I had an American girl in the car on Sunday (it doesn't matter how you say that it just sounds wrong!) She'd been at a friends house (an American boy)
He'd said they'd watch one of the American Football games and then head out, but they ended up watching two and going no-where, which had left her disappointed, but she had said nothing!
I then inquired into how long she'd been in Dublin and what she was up to, it turned out she's been here three years, (from New York) studying English and History in Trinity College, she wants to be a politician some day.
Obviously, I asked was she a Democrat or Republican and although reticent she must have known she was on safe ground saying Democrat as there are very few Irish Republicans.
But then I asked, "Clinton or Obama?" and straight away I could sense the unease....she was looking for a clue in my face, then said "O'Clinton , I'm sorry.... I'm a fan of Hillary, but my pals give me a real hard time over it."
Now I realise there's nothing "newsworthy" about this story, but I just found it really strange, normally I'm in a battle over Wars in Iraq, Why Americans call their local games "The World Series" mostly I end up I being called a mealy mouthed Liberal and a great time is had by all.
This extremely attractive and intelligent girl bucked the stereotype right out of the window!
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