Friday, 11 January 2008

Where are the Girls?

This is another of those typical jobs we get from time to time and probably one of my least favorite, often a couple of lads off a boat docked in the port, or business people in for a conference after a feed of drink.
They'll ask where are the girls/whorehouse/brothel whatever, it all means the same....they want to pay for sex.
Paying for sex is completely illegal in Ireland, so the brothels that do exist do not advertise and as soon as they do become known... they tend to move on.
I rarely if ever know where a brothel might be and those girls that do work the streets only tend to work the busy nights at busy times and most I've met are extremely sick and all are junkies.
So just as with the job that encouraged this post tonight we always end up driving around aimlessly, with me trying to explain that they really are in the wrong town and that really all that they have is ...................each other!
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