Tuesday, 5 February 2008

All Dogs go to Heaven

I wasn't working tonight but earlier when I went to get a bin tag, I saw a lady outside her house frantically waving me down, I gestured to her that I wasn't for hire but she clasped her hands in prayer and I could also see her mouth the word please, so I pulled in.
She said thanks then ran over to the open door and called inside, with that a 50ish man came out, carrying a medium sized dog in his arms. I'm not fond of pet dogs in the car, I'm fine with guard dogs, they are well trained, they sit on the floor and behave, family pets on the other hand particularly those ferried by taxi are not used to travel and can get sick, they also they tend to be quite smelly. I could see he was distressed though so I said nothing and in they got beside me, tearfully he asked me to bring them to the Veterinary Hospital in Charlemont Street, it turned out the dog had been ill for a while and now it couldn't even walk, so he was bringing it in to be euthanised. I was able to empathise with him as I've been through similar situations in the past and the grief at the loss of a family pet is equivalent in many ways to the death of a loved one.
When we arrived at the vet I realised I hadn't put on the meter, now normally in this situation I'd agree a fare with the passenger, but by law he doesn't have to pay anything and I decided to leave it at that, he seemed quite touched at the gesture and I must admit I felt pretty good about it too.

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