Friday, 15 February 2008

The night was as I'd Expected

There were lot's of couples, have you ever noticed how alike couples become?;
They seem to wear similar colour clothing and styles and somehow their facial features blend.
A gay relationship ended in the cab;
It was a bit sad, they used very eloquent language, words and phrases such as;
There should be less ambiguity,
I could give you pseudo Freudian explanations but it wouldn't help,
That's a deal breaker,
There's a distinct lack of trust,
I need to know I've got someone to catch me should I fall.
It was definitely over by the end of the trip, I'd have butted in only I didn't understand half of what they were saying.
The Horse drawn carriages did well;
They seemed to be coming and going from the "Green" regularly, with Heart shaped helium balloons attached and happy couples filling the seats, despite the near freezing weather.
A James Dean lookalike went home alone,
after believing a friend who told him Valentines was a good night to score chicks?
It wasn't as busy as I'd hoped it would be, but sure what the hell
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