Monday, 25 February 2008

Be Careful what you Say!

It was a long fare, took about three quarters of an hour. i did most of the talking, which is generally the case particularly with the early jobs, but it was the odd snippet from him that were the most revealing, just goes to prove it's not about the quantity more to do with the quality.... when it comes to Talk.
While I rambled on about various career paths I've taken, he mentioned that he had clients that worked in those industries.
Then when I mentioned a particular company he said one of his clients was the wife of the owner of a competitors company and told a nice story of how they started the firm.
Later when I got bored talking about myself (seriously it does happen) I said that he had mentioned clients in our conversation and asked was he an accountant? "No" he said, "I'm a personal trainer"
"One on one?", I asked, "women throwing themselves at you?"
"Yeah, sad middle aged women trying to keep up with the "girls" as well as fend off there husbands inevitable affair"
He may not have used those exact words, but Hey! who cares?

Now if I was to say;
A chap who was in the car last night is a personal trainer to X , she's the wife of X the owner of X company, he said she's a sad middle aged woman desperately trying to keep up with the other girls and keeping trim in an effort to stop her husband having an affair.

That wouldn't be very nice!

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