Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A Deception

A tram arrived in at the terminus on St Stephens Green and soon after Taxis started getting work from the rank ..... people who were continuing their journey by Taxi.
These jobs are hit and miss, mainly miss as they tend to involve short trips about town.
My prize from this lucky dip was a job to Drumcondra, worth €12 so not too shabby. She said she normally got the bus for this leg of her journey but was treating herself, when pushed she admitted she always did!
The conversation was hum drum; weather, work, town being quiet.... the usual stuff, but then, well before the road she said was her actual destination, she asked could she get out.
"Do you fancy a walk?" I asked, wondering was it something I'd said. "Not really" she replied, "but I'm going to walk the last bit and work up a bit of a sweat, then tell himself I got the bus, that way I'll get the sympathy Tea and snacks while relaxing on the couch"
I remember an ad on TV for water that had a similar deception, I wonder if that's where she got her little trick?
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