Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Doing a Midnight Flit?

I'm not too sure exactly what I got myself involved in this time!;
At 1am this morning I was flagged down on the South Circular Road by a lad carrying a large black bin liner.
I pulled in and he went to the boot (trunk) which I opened, he threw in the bag then rushed into the house and proceeded to carry out bag after bag which he piled in on top of the first one.
He then continued to fill the back seat with yet more bags as well as a small TV, a DVD player and a microwave oven, along with some cooking utensils.
He then sat in beside me, said "Don't ask" ...so I didn't, we went to a nearby apartment block where he unloaded all the items onto the pavement.
Thing is I didn't get a brass cent extra for moving the entire contents of his flat, or helping him to rob it...Whichever?
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