Wednesday, 13 February 2008

It's Valentines Tomorrow!

It's like Noahs Ark, everybody going around two by two, carrying their €12 a stem recently defrosted roses, whispering sweet nothings into the same ear you know they were screaming blue murder into not too long ago.
There'll be tables for two with nice red candles on them and a free glass of champagne, all for the "special offer" price of €150 a head! Butyou better be gone by 9pm because they've booked two other sittings for that table.
It's great business for us Taxi drivers .............but seriously...UUUUUGH!

  • Roy's Aphrodisiac tips;
For Women: the more expensive and rare the object the better
A one carat diamond ring = A shag
A bowl of porridge = A big zero

For Men:The opposite applies
A bowl of porridge = a shag
A one carat diamond = He's gone.... figuring how to cash it in!

Have a good one!
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