Saturday, 9 February 2008

Have You Checked the Children?

Driving through Donnybrook at 11:30pm on a Friday evening I sometimes wonder am I committing a crime. Looking through my Taxi window all I can see stretched out before me are 13 to 16 year old scantily clad girls along with some boys, all pouring out of the infamous teenage disco; The WeZ.
As I drove through I was waved down by one of these girls and almost as soon as I had put my foot on the brake pedal I regretted stopping, immediately she started hopping up and down, waving and shrieking at her friends, who were busily checking out the molars of three lads. amazingly they all prised themselves off their victims and ran over to the Taxi, barely even saying goodbye to their erstwhile lovers.
Back in the car, the shrieking and giggling persisted ad nausea with the four of them comparing scorecards, "I scored four of them", listing off the names and" I met with(name)" Shriek "I met him too!"
I Figure they met three to five guys each and scored another four. Sorry I've absolutely no idea what (met) or( score) means but one of them mentioned the name Sean and then wiggled her little finger in that derogatory way girls do, much to the delight, shrieks and giggles of the other three.
They had names (which I won't mention) but all of them reminded me of the names of very old women from when I was a kid.
I brought them to one of their houses where they handed me three mobile phones as collateral and asked me to wait outside, three of them eventually re-appeared, no longer wearing the revealing outfits they wore going in but instead had on tracksuit bottoms and hoodies.
I assume the parents of the first girl is the more liberal and allows this deception to take place, I don't believe the parents of the three that were left in the cab had any idea where they had actually been nor what they had been wearing, a dangerous game if anything untoward happened to any of these kids while supposedly in their care.
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