Friday, 8 February 2008

I Hate Thursdays!

My normal working week is from Wednesday night to Sunday night inclusive, it's not written in stone, sometimes I change it to suit my needs.
Friday and Saturday nights are nailed on busy, a bit messy but the funds justify it.
Sunday is great, less taxis.... guys that mix night and Day work are in bed ready for Monday morning as are the Part Timers, so the lesser number of customers dovetails nicely with the lesser number of taxis...tis all very civilized.
Wednesday is similar to Sunday on the numbers front but the clientèle is younger therefore a little more energetic, it can be a bit of craic though.... if your in the humour!
Thursdays are shit! All the weekend shift of drivers seem to come out, there's hardly a space on the rank or enough work to go round, it can be very frustrating.
The night just gone funnily enough was OK.... but that's the odd one that proves the rule!
I never understood that expression!

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