Friday, 29 February 2008

I Warned Him!

A guy (not Irish) got into my taxi outside D2 night club on Harcourt Street, he told me where he was going and then took out his phone. I told him he shouldn't ring her, that he was breaking two golden rules;

  1. Never ring her (or text) after midnight
  2. Never ring her (or text) while drunk
But did he listen? No! He rang her and it seemed got a poor reception, he was told to ring back in ten minutes.
I did the "I told you so", but he explained that she was on holiday in Miami and that he wouldn't be seeing her either this or next weekend.
I was able to let him off with the after midnight rule as Miami is 5 hours behind but he was still drunk! and I also wondered why he only mentioned weekends and asked him why?
He said it was an interesting story and proceeded to tell me;

They met in Lebanon in 2000, she is Lebanese and he was the son of a hight ranking diplomat to Lebanon at the time, eventually he went back home to study and after getting his degree and a job was transferred to Dublin, she was/is now working in Paris so they hooked up via the internet and rekindled their relationship to the stage were they now alternate between Paris and Dublin at weekends.

So he rang her back, began spouting off about all the "drunken" conversations he'd had with work colleagues, digging himself deeper and deeper into holes, as she was aware these were conversations best not had and which he'd never have had while sober, he continued to try explain how it was all right but I could see he was getting no-where. He even tried changing the subject by bringing up a conversation I'd had with him about Brian Keenan, an Irishman that had been held kidnap in Lebanon in the late 80's, but it was no good.
Eventually when we arrived at his house he handed me the phone saying his girlfriend wanted to speak to me!
She spoke, surprisingly, in an upper class English accent and asked me how drunk was her boyfriend, I replied "on a scale of one to ten I'd put him at eight and a half", He laughed and cried "you bastard you've landed me right in it now!".
"Told you you should never ring after midnight and while drunk, you just wouldn't listen" I replied

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