Friday, 22 February 2008

It Seems I've been a Bold Boy!

Generally when I bring a girl home in the Taxi late at night, the end of the trip normally goes like this;

Roy: Have you got your keys ready to go?
Girl: Yeah, I'll get them, thanks.
Roy: Go straight to bed, you've had enough messing for one night.
Girl :Yeah, OK,... thanks.
Roy : Good girl, take care now.

All fairly innocent I thought, but tonight when the same old scenario was played out, the girl then got back in beside me!

She told me she was a senior manager in charge of a team of eight men, was well able to take care of herself and me calling her a "good girl" was patronising.

I apologised, said it was habit, born out of being a father and meant no harm.
Thankfully she let me off with a smile.
So should I stop or was she being pedantic?
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