Thursday, 28 February 2008

Our most Famous Taxi Driver, wants to "Clear His Name"

Gerry "The Monk" Hutch, has asked for an interview, (which has been refused) on Ireland's top chat show "The Late Late Show", in an effort to counteract a feature due to appear on TV3's "Dirty Money" program which will claim he is/was a gangster, however, he has been granted an interview on the popular "Primetime " show where he will endeavor to clear his name.
Although Gerry has paid out over €1.3 million to the criminal assets bureau, (CAB), he has never been convicted of a serious crime, just some petty stuff as a child in the 80s, however Paul Williams, the journalist doing the "Dirty Money" program has ascertained he was involved in the £3.8 million Brinks Allied robbery in 1995, amongst others.
Gerry was awarded a small public service vehicle license despite the police fighting it's issuing through the courts and he then began operating as a Taxi driver, he now operates a very popular stretched Hummer limousine company.
I had Gerry in my Taxi once a good while back and although he was extremely friendly, he was also extremely intimidating, he hailed me from the street and we picked up a nephew of his, whom he advised to plead guilty to some minor traffic offenses in return for a larger one being dropped , (good advice I thought), we then dropped the lad off and Gerry returned to where I'd picked him up.
Nothing spectacular but that was the job.
He was nicknamed "The Monk" by Veronica Guerin, the journalist who was murdered by gangsters, which lead to the setting up of CAB, it is said she liked him and chose the name because of his general demeanor, the fact he seemingly stayed clear of Drugs and was good to the area he grew up in, setting up a boxing club for example.
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