Monday, 4 February 2008

Sporting Arguments

Tonight I had none.
Instead I agreed that Roy Keane (ex Ireland international Manchester United soccer player currently Sunderland FC manager) was indeed Ireland's greatest ever player and will some day make a fantastic Man U manager.
I also waxed lyrical about the abilities of Eddie o Sullivan (current Irish Rugby Manager) and his genius as a man manager.
I even agreed that David Moyes (Everton FC manager) is the most under-rated manager in the English premier division.
I had a mild headache and wasn't in the mood for arguing, my real feelings are as follows;
Roy Keane is a traitor.
Eddie O' Sullivan is a plonker that should have been sacked afer the debacle that was the Rugby world cup!
David Moyes is Gollum and should have been put down at birth.
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