Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Why a Taxi Blog?

A friend asked me this whilst I complained about material drying up, was I not restricting myself? If I did a general blog I could write about all my interests rather than just those pertaining to my job.
So why did I start a Taxi blog?
The main reason was because I was unhappy with the spokespeople being put forward that were supposedly representing Taxi drivers, they certainly weren't representing me, they seemed to be anti everything, NO! NO! NO! seemed to be their mantra, whereas I 'm a lot more liberal, I started a Taxi section on a forum I had and tried unsuccessfully to interest other taxi drivers I found online, it was a disaster! So I began the blog, initially to attract people to the forum but eventually it took over.
I don't represent Taxi drivers, I just represent myself, but I hope the blog gives an idea of what the job entails and maybe explains why we are how we are, Grumpy Bastards!

DublinGoat asked in the comments section for an update on the stats so just for him, here's just that.

These are the Stats I gave last time out:

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These are the stats for the last two weeks... steady improvement I'd say?

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these two lines say it all:

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Hopefully I can keep it going

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