Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Dublins Best nightspots

a Question I'm often asked;
Where do the locals go?
First thing you need to know is that the average Dubliner is fairly well off, well at least those who go out regularly in Dublin are.

For me, the best place for locals to go is the Andrew Street/South William Street stretch, these two roads run for about 250 meters in total, yet contain a huge variety of good Night time venues.
I'll run through some of the best ones, starting at the Andrew street end, All restaurants (well you've got to eat!);

  • Salamanca: spanish Tapas
  • Trocadero: one of my favorites, very theatrical (French cuisine)
  • Sai pan: Thai
  • Chantz: Famous all you can eat Chinese buffet (€12 last time I looked)
  • Le Caprice: Italian
  • Cedar tree: Lebanese
Now you come to the Exchequer street/Wicklow street junction, both streets are well worth exploring, but on the corners we have;

  • The Old Stand: A grand old pub popular with sporty types...... for a chat
  • The International: Great pub and hosts the finest stand up comedy
  • Taste of India:Indian food
Now we're on South William street;
  • Dakota: Bar and night Club
  • Spy: Bar and night club
  • Barmizu: late night Bar/restaurant
  • Grogans (The Castle): A really true Dublin pub, check it out!
  • South William (new kid on the block) third name change seems to be doing well finally
  • Khyber tandoori :Indian
  • Malotti: Indian (We like Indian don't we?)
  • Barkley club: Lapdancing
  • Peters Bar: yet another great pub
  • Major Toms (Rula Bula) Night club (Brazilian)(A month ago it was Aussie)
We're at the end of South William street now; Mercer street/ Clarendon Street junction, here we've got;
  • Break for the Border: night club popular with Hen and Stag parties
  • Hairy lemon: pub people go to before Break for the border
That's it but all the roads adjacent to and parallel with this stretch are equally busy.
To recap;
25o metre stretch;
  • 11 restaurants
  • 5 night clubs
  • 1 stand up comedy venue
  • 1 lapdancing club
  • 4 great pubs plus 2 more good ones
What more do you want?

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