Thursday, 6 March 2008

Dublin's Worst Adresses

They are:
Coolamber Park, Knocklyon.
Glenmalure Square, Milltown.
Both of the above housing estates are small, quiet and private, with nice houses, that sell for vast sums of money.
However if you tell a Taxi driver either address is your destination you'll get the same conversation every time!

Coolamber Park:
"Ah jaysus mate, you should sell up and move, there's something in the water in that place! Two women killing their husbands in the space of two years!.
If you're a woman it's even worse!

Glenmalure square:
"I'm not going in there! sacred ground that is. That land should never have been sold to developers.
That land belongs to Shamrock Rovers (Ireland's most historic football team) who still to this day over 20 years later don't have a home.
Louis Kilcoyne, the barsteward! should never have been allowed sell it.

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