Monday, 3 March 2008

Mothers Day

I broke one of my own golden rules and booked a restaurant for a Hallmark day lunch.
I did it last Thursday evening, as I passed the Courtyard restaurant in Donnybrook (one of our favorites) I decided to see if they had any tables free on the day. they squeezed me in for 3:15.
When we arrived the first thing that hit was the noise, it was like a playschool with kids everywhere, fair enough I guess we should have realised.
Next was the SET menu! gone was the usual selection of goodies to choose from.
Then there was the price! €30 per person including mandatory service charge of 10% and not including drinks.
(I'd always give a 10% tip, but I feckin' hate when it's mandatory!
The service was DIRE! A 40 minute wait between courses, my wife can't stand to listen to me drone for that long without distraction!
To top it all......... the food wasn't great either!
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