Saturday, 1 March 2008

What if it were you?

A girl in the car told me a personal story and after she was finished I told her I'd use it on the blog, I explained that I would use a different nightclub, say she had a different colour hair and even use a different destination but she went pale and pleaded with me not to use it.
She said she thought Taxi drivers were like hairdressers, that she could tell us anything in confidence, I replied that we are exactly like hairdressers, that we relay everything, but in vague terms so as not to embarrass the individual, but the story's got to be told!
She made me promise not to repeat her story and I agreed as I knew she had given me my post anyhow!
So how would you feel if you were the subject of one of my posts?
Remember, I do my best to conceal your identity, but if you read it you'd probably realise it was you and possibly your friends would too.
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