Monday, 18 June 2007

Other options for getting about......... Pt 1

Rickshaw (at rest) outside Porta Via in Rathminesclick to enlarge

Shortly after midnight each evening the buses trains and trams stop running in Dublin, leaving all the people they brought into the pubs and clubs in the city to the Taxi trade .
Why people then blame a poor Taxi service on why they wait hours to get home, rather than those services that have stopped all together....... is beyond me!
Anyway, we do have a few helpers in our hours of need and I will detail one of them here;
The Rickshaw pullers;
Mostly Gaelic and Rugby players supplementing their training regime whilst earning a few Euros, these guys (and the odd girl) will pull you on a roller coaster ride over short distances, they can turn on a cent and will raise and lower their arms in an effort to increase the G-forces, they look harmless enough but by the howls of the girls sitting in them they aren't as gentle as they seem!
Be careful to negotiate the price clearly for the trip, scams include a "Euro per street" It's amazing how many streets you can pass or travel on in 100 metres, I spoke to a girl who was charged €22 euro for a 200 metre dash, most are sound lads and will do the short trips for a fiver plus tips.