Sunday, 17 June 2007

Sleepers......More like unconcious

Working nights in Dublin (the drinking capital of the world) I get more than my share of people sleeping in the car, tonight was no exception, this guy looked OK when he flagged me, but as soon as he sat in the back seat and began talking I knew he wouldn't last long, "Lucan" he said. Lucan is a good 20 km outside town so there was no way I was going to be able to keep him talking, "where in Lucan are you?" I asked. He was already gone..... eyes closed, mouth open....... gathering drool, swaying from side to side with the motion of the car.
At least I could switch off the pop music I play for customers and listen to Newstalk for a bit of topical discussion.
I decided I'd leave him until the Foxhunter Pub which is just before Lucan, then I started my routine; Flicked the MP3 Player to the rock section, stuck on Deep Purple, (Highway star) at full whack, rolled down all the windows, opened the sunroof and began yelling "WE'RE in LUCAN NOW WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO!!" after a minute or so he began reviving, looked a bit dazed and said errrrrrrrrrrrr left here , I duly obliged, after coming to a roundabout I saw he'd gone back to sleep so I yelled again "WHERE TO HERE, MATE?" again he seemed unsure saying yeah yeah errrrrrr left, after a few minutes of this we ended up at a Cul DE Sac, I stopped and said "that's €28 please", he looked around and asked " Where am I " I explained how we'd arrived at this juncture to which he replied " I don't live here, I live in Beech Park" I brought him to Beech Park ( A right at the Foxhunter pub) he paid the €34 apologising for his stupidity, would have been about €18 if he'd stayed awake......Lesson learned? (I doubt it)