Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Contagious Diseases

Another hazard of the Taxi business is our exposure to coughs, colds, flu and every other contagious illness known (and unknown) to man.
I hate when some new bug comes to town , I just count down the days to when I get it.
I think after 12 years in the business I've become immune to most of the day to day bugs spewed about the cab, but now and again a new one creeps up and bites me....... the worst so far being the winter vomiting bug; As the name suggests you lose quite a bit of weight over a 48 hour period, originates in hospitals of all places.
My biggest fear is the next super flu bug, H5N1 or whatever they will call the next one, I fail to understand why Taxi drivers are not on the emergency vaccine register, we're obviously expendable.

Inspired by DC cab riders Contagious post