Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The most complicated Taxi rank in the world?

The rank on College green, Dublin, must rate highly in this regard!

This Sat picture must have been taken at 7 am on Sunday morning!!

Step 1;
Enter the holding area at Fosters place and await for a cab to flash it's headlights at you, thereby "giving you last" This will be the car you follow from the holding area.

Step 2;
You must look out for the next cab entering the holding area and flash your headlamps at it, thereby giving that cab "last". Your job now is to keep a beady eye on the cab that gave you last. (this is not always easy, as the cab may not necessarily be visible from where you end up parking, so stepping out of your cab to check from time to time may be necessary until you find a more appropriate vantage space)

Step 3;
If the cab that gave you last gets a fare from his radio , before it leaves the driver must seek you out and inform you from whom he got last, this will now be the cab you follow from the holding area, if however he leaves in turn you then become "next"

Step 4;
Being next, you must turn your attention to actual rank on College Green, (when you see a space free) it's located on the island in the middle of a normally busy six lane roadway, which means you must navigate across 3 busy lanes of traffic to enter it.

Step 5;
After eventually making it on to the rank alive, you must queue in line for a fare.

Step 6;
After getting a fare you now leave the rank onto the inside and fastest moving lane of traffic, many a side panel have been creamed at this point!

Beat that!