Thursday, 21 June 2007

Landsdowne Road stadium, and the Northside/Southside devide

Landsdowne Rd. Cranes in situ and the roof of the West stand removed.

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The oldest Rugby stadium in the world is finally being re-built into a fully seated, 60,000 seater corporate boxed one fit for the modern professional game.
Both the International Rugby and the Football games have been transfered over to Croke Pk on the dreaded Northside of the city, now I often need to go over there to drop people off at their homes (I sometimes can't tell they are northsiders from how they look) and the Airport resides over there, but being a good Southsider I would never venture over there looking for fares!
Thankfully the government have given us the M50 motorway, that allows a speedy escape from the airport to the leafier Southern suburbs and a Tunnel to bring us into the City centre.
Hopefully I won't have to wait too long before the Rugby is back in it's rightful home. ;-)

I'm sure a Norhtsider will eventually come on here with a suitable response. :-)