Friday, 22 June 2007

How to get a Taxi in Dublin, between 2 and 5am on Saturdays and Sundays.

People queuing at the College green rank

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The Ranks;

Stay well clear........ think about it!
Taxi drivers don't know what they are going to get when they pull up on a busy rank, wheras on the street we can see that someone is holding himself up and behaving in a sane manner. Ranks are designed for Taxis to queue for customers not vice versa.

Outside the Pub/Club
Come on!............ get serious
Generally at this time there are large groups of people gathered outside these venues, if a Taxi stops for an individual that flags it here, a fight can ensue as to who the Taxi is for, with doors being manhandled and blood on the seats.

Sitting on the kerb or leaning against a lampost,waving; guessed it.
If you can't hold yourself up, you need time to sober up....... maybe you're tired? Well I don't know that!

Outside the Takeaway with or without food;
Not a hope mate
Worst case; onions, ketchup, bits of bread ....all over the upholstery. Best case; greasy hands wiped on the upholstery and the smell of taco fries being breathed all over the cab, no thanks!

Walking towards city centre (that's where all the Ranks are!)
Nice try nearly there.
The closer you are to town the less likely you are to get a Taxi, that's where the work is so you'll be competing with more and more people the closer you get to town.

Walking away from the city centre heading northside, on the pavement, a couple, seemingly sane;
Yeah ok, I'll pick you up if i'm desperate.

Walking away from the city centre heading Southside, on the pavement, a couple, seemingly sane;
Perfect in you get. (Southside suburbs have more work for the return journey!)

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