Saturday, 23 June 2007

Behind every great man............

I'm next on the St Stephens Green rank, I spot this guy crossing the road, coming from the exclusive St Stephens Green mens club, dressed in a Tuxedo...... a little shaky from the drink, my fears were realised as he sat in beside me, he spoke as though he was shouting instructions from the sidelines at a Rugby match!
HELLO! MY MAN!! take me home to the CROCODILE!
Where is that? I asked
HOME! HOME to the CROCODILE! Brighton road in FOXROCK!
Brighton road is where Celtic kittens (the young millionaires) dream of going to die. Houses here have Mansion proportions are generally 4 storey over basement with indoor and outdoor heated pools, cinema, tennis courts , you know the deal, rarely change hands, the last one I know of sold for €56 million.
I was looking at a lion of the business world here, belonging to the "CLUB" suggested as such(members need to be proposed, seconded and voted in) his address propelled him into the highest echelons of this society.
So imagine my surprise when upon realising it was 10:30pm he regressed into a snivelling child saying he was in terrible trouble as he'd told his wife(the crocodile) he'd be home at 10pm.
I asked was he supposed to be relieving her so she could do something? he said No that he'd been allowed go to the Club on condition he was home by 10pm.
we spent the rest of the trip discussing excuses as to why he was late home , the obvious and true reason that he 'd lost track of the time, was deemed unacceptable early on. He decided on the first taxi breaking down and awaiting a second that the first had called. I doubt he'll be let out again for a while!
Moral of the story? behind every great man there's a great woman , behind every Lion there's a Lioness, or maybe a crocodile!