Sunday, 24 June 2007


I had planned to contrast the two groups that were out in the city tonight , we had the start of the Dublin pride week celebrations, with the lads dressed up in top designer outfits behaving impeccably , compared to the pre gaelic football match crowd......... all macho in their county colours, looking for lapdancing clubs and prostitutes.
However I came across an Horrific accident at the extremely busy Newlands cross junction, in the Clondalkin area of Dublin, it was caused mainly by faulty traffic lights; they were set green for one group only and after waiting for a filter allowing him to turn right, a small hatchback car, frustrated by the obviously broken lights, drove headlong into a saloon car traveling at speed towards it.
The car folded so much that it looked almost as though it was flat against the drivers window. As there were six or seven other cars that had witnessed and gone to the aid of the crash victims, I decided to continue with my passengers to their destination.
Upon my return the ambulance and fire services were working at the scene, A medic was sitting in the rear seat of the hatchback seemingly talking to the driver? I told a policeman on duty I had seen the accident earlier, but he confirmed they had a good handle on what had occurred.
I hope and pray that everyone survived with minimal injuries.