Tuesday, 26 June 2007

They left their halos in Eddies toilet.

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This is every Dublin kids favourite restaurant, it makes no excuses for trying to replicate the American Diner of the 50's, right down to the smirky waitresses and the juke box on every table.
A month or so ago I picked up two girls, both in school uniform from the Herbert park road, as soon as they got in the car I realised they'd been drinking, they were more giddy than anything else, a type of forced drunkenness you get with younger folk, they wanted to go to Eddie Rockets which wasn't too far away, so I happily obliged, a longer trip with all the wailing would have been difficult to take!

On the way it began to rain and the girls asked if I'd mind waiting on them while they were in Eds..... I explained it would be expensive to have a cab wait while they ate, but they intervened saying they just wanted to use the toilets and that they'd be out quickly, I caved and waited, eventually they appeared, and what a transformation! gone were the uniforms, replaced by the shortest of mini skirts you can imagine and boob tubes to match!
I knew instantly they were going to the Wes, a teenage disco in Old Wesley Rugby club, as this was the standard attire of the girls attending, the school bags.... now containing their School uniforms, would be buried in a hedge within the Rugby grounds and the re-transformation would happen back in eddies after the disco.
I've no idea what their parents think they were doing!