Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Poor old lady?...or a chancer?

She looked OK, standing on the kerb outside the Camden Court hotel waving me down, an elderly lady.... a safe fare, so I had no problem stopping to let her in. "Ranelagh" she said in an upperclass accent ......not very far........ I'd expect around €7 for the trip, "very good!" I said, turning around to greet her.
It was then I noticed she was wearing a swimming hat! One with rubber flowers attached, the type popular back in the 60's, she smelled of talc.... A fragrance I now associate with prostitutes, (a few times I have ferried them to and from their place of employment , but that's a tale for another day!) her clothes were old, I classed her as an eccentric, she asked if people ever left the car without paying and I replied "ah yes runners! I've had one or two, but I didn't get this belly chasing them..... and what's the point? They're hardly going to have the money if I catch them" this is a well rehearsed reply to that question, which normally gets a bit of a laugh.
This ladies response was unexpected; she said, "well.. I'm not paying you either" I'll admit to being surprised by this and thought at first she was joking, quickly realising she wasn't, I got a little angry, then I just resolved to get her home, thinking it wasn't really that big a deal!
As she left she smiled, thanked me for a pleasant journey! I snarled at her!
Later that week I was in Donnybrook, in the Shell service station about to pay for my Diesel when I spotted her again , same attire, she took a bottle of orange juice from the fridge, opened it took a sip, then placed in the bag she was carrying and walked out, I turned to the cashier and asked had he seen that? he replied "ah... that's mad Mary, sure what's the point!"
Well I know I won't be stopping for her again!