Monday, 2 July 2007

Rejected in Ranelagh

She was standing, waving frantically at me to stop, she was wearing a little black dress with spaghetti straps, my first impressions suggested she was a stunner and as I pulled up to let her in my gut instinct was confirmed......... her face was, let's say, very pleasant on the eye and to top it all, she had a nice Sligo accent.
"Ballyfermot" she said, adding "it doesn't pay to be nice these days you know!"
It is unusual for people living in Ballyfermot to be socialising in Ranelagh, as it's quite a distance and well off any direct route, so I asked "was she lost? and also what she meant by her, "not paying to be nice comment?"
She smiled and agreed it wasn't her usual hunting ground, but that she had been doing a friend of a friend a favour by entertaining a fellow Sligo person who was home from New York and caught at a loose end.
She duly obliged and chatted, laughed and danced with this individual for the evening, seemingly getting on very well and finished off sharing a Taxi to his home in Ranelagh.
She had shared the cab fare, left the car and walked with him to his doorstep, it was at this point he said "goodbye" entered his house and shut the door in her face! Leaving her on the porch alone, I'd picked her up a few moments after this!
I was dumbfounded! eventually I uttered "His loss!" she agreed saying he wouldn't be getting a second chance.
I've no idea what this guy thought he was doing the numbnut!