Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Open letter to the Taxi Regulator

I am a legal Taxi operator working nights in Dublin City and surrounds, never once have I had my cab checked by one of your investigators, something we were promised in your manifesto.
As a result I feel it would be easy to operate a Taxi illegally in this city, simply by purchasing a roof sign and a meter (god knows what rates would apply)
Illegal ranks abound, outside public houses and night clubs, or at the end of busy streets (Grafton Street is a prime example) close to where legitimate Ranks have taxis queuing for fares that never arrive.
There are not enough Ranks to service the ever growing numbers of Taxis on our streets, and those few new ranks that are in places are devoid of any likely passengers! Something needs to be done about this as ranks provide a necessary break from driving constantly around this clogged up city, along with the chance of a fare.
The sheer number of Taxis is getting beyond a joke, do you seriously believe there is no limit to the number of Taxis the city can absorb? With the economy in decline the use of Taxis will decline also and what's worse, a number of those made redundant in the cutback in construction will try their hand at Taxi driving, thereby increasing the number of Taxis in a declining market.