Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Urban wildlife

Foxes badgers and deer seem to be thriving in suburbia.
I come across an average of twenty foxes each evening, they tend to scavenge amongst the rubbish and are particularly visible the night before bin collection in an area. Foxes are despised in rural ares as the kill chickens lambs and other small farm animals but city dwellers love them.

Badgers are less obvious but I'd see one or two a week, always surprised at how large they are and at their speed , another creature despised in the rural areas due to their association with TB in cattle, so much so that if discovered they are followed and the set is then baited with all occupants destroyed , totally illegal but it goes on.

Deer, I see less often in suburbia but hundreds reside in the Phoenix Park and are plain to see as I drive through in the early hours, I come across the odd one in the new housing estates built on the foothills of the mountains around Stepaside and Ticknock.