Sunday, 21 October 2007

We! Are the champions of the Wuurld!

There was a tremendous amount of South Africans in town last night, celebrating their win over England in the Rugby world cup. I never realised there was so many of them in the city!
They were great winners! very humble, just happy that they'd won it, none of the "We are the best, now bow at our feet" sort of attitude you get from other nations.
I played, Queens "We are the champions" for each South African I had in the car and they seemed to appreciate it.
They are definitely not a singing nation, not by any stretch of the imagination, VERY GENEROUS THOUGH! at least when their in good form.

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I thought I might add some links to some of the wackier sites I've come across on the net....... as an antidote to my moronic ramblings, some may be of an adult nature, this will not be the reason for their inclusion, it'll have more to do with their strangeness, I'll add warnings in advance.

First up; (Adult content) Slavercise Fancy getting toned up? why not get your very own Mistress to knock you into shape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Adult content)