Friday, 16 November 2007

Dublins Top Ten Restaurants

With opinions from Irish Taxi users.
The Dubliner Magazine has just awarded the top 100 restaurants based on a survey of 2000 readers, here's the top ten;

I ask each and every customer that enters my cab where they've been and how they enjoyed their evening, so based on that information, I'll report on each winner;

1 Chapter One, Parnell Street
Excellent, everyone says it's a pleasant place to eat not overly stuffy, only complaint is about the difficulty in getting a table, it can be booked out 3 months in advance and won't accept bookings beyond that point, you will be told when the book will re-open and you better ring on that day or forget it.
2 L'Guileton, Fade Street
Never heard of it, sounds French?, Fade Street is the one that runs from Sth. William Street to Georges Street, it has the Market bar on it.
3 Patrick Guilbaud, Merrion Street.
Extremely pretentious, prepare to have the waiter look down his nose at you if you aren't in Vercace, perfect for a special occasion, very special prices!
4 Fallon and Byrne, Exchequer Street
No reports from customers but I've been into the premises, they have a wonderful Deli, and I have been threatening to go in for a bite for a while now. very nice atmosphere, not at all stuffy.
5 Peploes, St Stephens Green
Wonderful location. beautifully appointed building and premises, a little less pretentious than Guilbauds , but not a lot. Very popular with the Rugby types.
6 Vermillion, Terenure
I was surprised to see this here, wonderful Indian restaurant which I have frequented and enjoyed.

7, Jo Burger, Rathmines Rd
Ranelagh/Rathmines is fast becoming the Kitchen of Dublin, with a wide range of restaurants of various ethnic types. Jo Burger I'm told, is a gourmet burger place, so next time I fancy a Big Mac I'll be down to Jo's.
8 Roly's Bistro, Ballsbridge
A real favourite with Dubliners hence I'm surprised it's not higher up, lovely food and good value for the quality, also pop in for the Artisan breads to take away....hmmmmm
9 Town Bar and Grill
I know exactly where this place is, but I've never seen it, it's opposite the Shelbourne on Kildare Street, it has been recommended to me on many occasions, one thing I can say....It needs a new Sign!
10 Saba, Clarendon Street
Thai restaurant, so I pay little attention to what folk say, I don't like coconuts!, although I hear it's good, I remember a girl complain about being moved off her table too quickly, but in fairness she had been told prior to starting that there was a second sitting.