Friday, 30 November 2007

Irish Taxi Driver of the Year Award

Taxi times Magazine has inaugurated the first ever Taxi driver of the year award sponsored by Axa, The Dublin Airport Authority, 3G Ireland, and Motability Ireland, to highlight the good deeds done by Taxi drivers as opposed to the negative press the industry normally gets.
There are Taxi drivers that operate soup runs for the homeless, day trips for the disabled, even drivers that have delivered babies in the back seats of their cabs along with others running temporary ambulance services etc.

The Prize (so far) for the winner is;
A satellite navigation system
One years free insurance
A 3g phone with free credit and a car hands free kit
€500 holiday voucher

So if you know of a driver (it can be a colleague) worthy of a nomination all you have to do is write a commendation in 100 words or less and e-mail it to Why not post a copy of it here in the comments as well?

Funny thing is though this is being organised by the NTDU who print the Taxi times and I heard a report about it on the radio tonight , but there isn't a word about it on their site?

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