Friday, 30 November 2007

Taxi scam at Foster Place?

I heard tonight that a scam is being operated by taxi drivers during the very busy periods at the feeder rank at Fosters Place, the one beside The Bank of Ireland on college Green.
I've often wondered why drivers park there while the ranks and streets are teeming with people looking for cabs.
It seems what can happen is they wait there until someone asks "are they free?", they reply that they are booked for a job in 20 minutes time, very quickly they are offered short trips with generous tips, they then make a "pretend" call saying they may be delayed on the "booking".
I've heard they can make between €20 and €50 for €7 to €15 fares as people are desperate to get home. I can certainly see how it might work and feel it's down to the Gardai and the regulator to stamp it out if it's going on.

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