Friday, 9 November 2007

A lovely Aussie

She flagged me down in Rathmines at about 12:20am, she had been waiting at a bus-stop after visiting a friend, the last bus was long gone! She came to the window and said she only had €9 and could I take her to Parnell Street for that, I replied "of course get in"
She's been in Dublin for three months, studying in D.C.U, she loves her college and Dublin A LOT! She spoke excitedly about seeing the book of Kells and how amazing the library is, thinks the Guinness factory tour is fantastic, and said her favorite was the Jail in Kilmainham, which happens to be my top recommendation as well.
She spoke of bringing other Aussies, that are staying around Europe who visit her to these places and to the usual night spots and how they all rave about the place.
This girl was a breath of fresh air opposed to the usual moaning and groaning about the place, she made me feel very proud of my city. The meter read €11 Euro at the end of the trip she appologised profusely saying she hadn't noticed the meter, I accepted the €9 thinking I should be paying her.
I really hope she stays around