Friday, 9 November 2007

A tale of two Leopardstowns

I picked up two women from Leopardstown on two separate jobs,(middle class area of Dublin)one was from an estate called the Gallops the other from Leopardstown Valley, now these estates are now joined, you can drive through from one to the other whereas before a pile of boulders hindered your progress.
The woman from the Gallops was pissed at this deveopment and told me of family pets being killed by lunatic drivers and how she can no longer allow her kids out front, thank god they are putting in ramps , but longterm the road will have to be re-blocked.
The woman from the Gallops was delighted, it's so much easier getting into town now, there are no cars using it as a rat run and residents are driving carefully, it's ridiculous the way the council insist on putting ramps in, they destroy cars. Everyone is delighted with the new roadway.
different folks different strokes