Wednesday, 12 December 2007

The gossip ....Snared

This girl was brilliant! first she laid the trap;
"Did anyone say anything about me talking to Anthony?"
The gossip went full flow;
"Patty asked why you where talking to him for 2 hours"
"2 hours!" said the girl
"well i just smiled and said nothing" said the Gossip (funny how they never say anything bad in the re-telling but can blabber on now?)"Justine said it was a bit wierd as well, him being married and all" "did you see that dress Justine was wearing! Penneys best... hahahaha" "Robert had a bit much to drink, He'll not be able to look Martine in the eye" on and on she went talking about everyone and anyone.
A bit like me?????
As the gossip was getting out of the cab, (The other girl was going on further)she told the girl not to spend the evening worrying about what folk taught about her, she could tell by her face she wasn't pleased, this was when my girl let her have it;
"I'm just pissed off with all the gossip, so what if I was talking to Anthony, We're mates!, It was a Christmas party! Robert had a few drinks so what..... can't people have some fun and let their hair down? Justine's dress was lovely, you on the other hand are a complete pain in the tits!"
Love it! I told her she was great!
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