Tuesday, 11 December 2007

We've got a Bleeder!

Driving through Ranelagh (the Kitchen of Dublin) I was flagged down by a waitress in uniform who was frantically waving her arms about.
I dislike these jobs, normally it's an "I'll get them out straight away", but you wait ages for the customers. Not this time though! She was back out instantly, with the chef, who had yards of toweling wrapped around his right hand, he looked very pale and grimaced as though in agony. "He sliced right through his thumb,take us to the VHI Swiftcare clinic in Balally" said the waitress. Now you'd think they'd have called an Ambulance wouldn't you?
The "swiftcare clinics" are privately run Accident treatment centres which deal with suspected broken bones, sprains and suchlike. There's also a private hospital (The Beacon) running a similar operation where I hear people even go with suspected heart attacks!
Folk are staying away from the ambulances and in turn public hospitals because they are scared of superbugs such as MRSA /the Hospital winter vomiting bug/ the long queues we read about daily in our newspapers and instead paying up front for this private treatment or using their private health insurance to pay for it, 53% of Irish people have private heath insurance ,me included.
I dropped the chef off at the Swiftcare clinic...... hopefully they did what they say on the tin!

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