Sunday, 23 December 2007

A Semblance of normality

Most of the offices and all of the colleges have closed for the Christmas now and many of the country cousins that belong to them have returned home to their mammies and daddies to have the same Christmas they've had since childhood, such is tradition.
Most of the people out tonight were with friends lovers and family as opposed to work acquaintances, which has been the norm up to now in December, this made for a more pleasant atmosphere in the cab with folk seemingly happier to be doing whatever they were doing as they were doing it out of choice rather than as a chore.
Tips were also far more impressive as a result with a few €5s and even a €10 WOOOOHOOOO.
No real outstanding jobs to report on, I did drop one very pretty girl to Tallaght, she told me I was the most boring Taxi driver she ever met as I didn't have a single tale of being held at knife-point or of being beaten to a ego is suitably bruised, I'll have to organise something suitably horrendous to happen to me so I can entertain her the next time.
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