Saturday, 22 December 2007

Tonights honorable mentions;

  • 90 degrees .....veering right.....100 yards..... hump!

Got a job out to Slane, a village in the back end of nowhere. Normally I take the slip road off the M4 at Maynooth keep left at the roundabout and follow my nose, but this guy tells me to take a right just after the roundabout, saying it was a shortcut, off we went down little boreens, through a series of dangerous bends taking left and right turns at unlit junctions..... throw in a few narrow hump back bridges and your nearly there.....20 minutes of this and we arrive in Clane from the wrong side. after I dropped him I took a left at the main street and about ten minutes later was back on the M4, yer man obviously fancied a bit of rally navigating or something??

  • Arise and walk
I picked up these two in Portobello, one was struggling with crutches, when I stopped he put them against the wall and walked over without any bother to the cab...strange?

  • Battling Godmothers
These two sat in the back of the Cab warring with each other over whose goddaughter was the best looking/cleverest/first walking/talking etc, it got pretty heated. I'm not sure they've got the right idea yet?

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