Saturday, 19 January 2008

Alternative Transport pt3, Horse Power

Sorry about the picture, but if you look closely you will see a horse drawn Hackney Carriage, locked in by two Taxis near the gates of St Stephens Green.
Most of the carriages are operated by scangers and the standards aren't that great, but this guy is the business, he has the top hat, the lanterns, the two horses perfectly turned out, Dracula would be proud.
Dracula by the way was written by a Dubliner, Brahm Stoker whose house and museum are open to the public.
To be honest neither the Taxis nor the Carriage should be there , the cabs are waiting to do a U-turn so as to be on the end of the new Merry go round rank the council have devised and the Carriage should be about 100m further back.
Shortly after the picture was taken, the Carriage guy got a fare and with the first cab in the picture just moving forward a few feet maneuvered the lot through the gap, quite an achievement I thought.
The prices vary but I believe during the day you can get a one hour tour for about €40 and at night they'll take you on short journeys for negotiated fares.
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