Saturday, 19 January 2008

COP on Girls

Happens nearly every time, the girls get into the cab after a night in Copper Face Jacks, and complain;
Girl 1; "I'm never going in there again, what a bunch of sleazebags"
Girl 2; "yeah,.... I must've been felt up 50 times tonight"
Girl 3; "Me too... I'm starting to wonder are me arse and tits me own"

Seriously! I get this all the time, but after talking to the girls I soon discover that they return time and again to "Coppers" and will continue to do so.
I wonder sometimes do they secretly enjoy it , despite all the complaining?

Copper Face Jack, the History behind the name;
John Scott was Lord Chancellor in the 1780s and was known as ‘Copper Face Jack’ because of his rustic complexion. He lived on Harcourt street near the club that bears his name. They say he was a member of the infamous hellfire club, a group of rich noblemen that got up to no good with women, alcohol, gambling and a dash of satanism.

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