Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Crying Game

This girl was bawling, she barely muttered the destination through the sobs, I just told her to relax and turned up the music.
Eventually she calmed a bit and appologised for being a wus.
I explained that it was OK and asked if she wanted to talk about it, most times I regret this action as it turns out to be something I have no understanding of whatever and I'm just left muttering and nodding.
However this was different, it turned out she had just handed in her notice at her job and her "manager" had gone at her hard, laying on the guilt trip with a shovel, telling her she was disloyal, that she'd been leading them on for the past weeks, all that "training" they'd put in was gone to waste.
"One word" I said, "BULLSHIT, you owe them NADA, don't tell me they've never placed an ad with "experience required" and used someone else's training, it's a big bad world out there and you've got to look after yourself, and who knows maybe in a few years you can go back there and they can benefit from your time away, that's business!"
She seemed encouraged by my words, but to be honest I really enjoyed spouting off my opinion to help an upset female whether or not it was any use, rather than my usual thought of "Why the fuck did I ask!!!"
The picture is of Paris Hilton, no I didn't hop out of the cab take a quick snap and jump back in!

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