Friday, 25 January 2008

Just Another Jibbering Idiot

We get these from time to time, people that have drunk themselves into such a stupor they cannot manage a full word, never mind stringing a couple together.
Somehow though, they seem to believe you should be able to decipher the uds and egs into the grand debate they believe they are engaging in and look at you with a glazed expression expecting a reply to these gargles.
I somehow managed to discover that he was going to the Luas stop at Sandyford and when we arrived there after 15 minutes that felt like an hour, he ordered a halt.
I showed him the €20 note in his wallet as he fumbled with it and eventually he realised this is what he should use to pay me, I gave him his change then reached over and opened his door. He got out and instantly fell over onto the grass verge.
The next bit is why I added Idiot to the title of the post;
He waddled through the newly planted shrubbery into the car park, eventually found his 7 series BMW... got in and drove off.............

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