Wednesday, 30 January 2008

The "D" Word

DEREGULATION! (never utter that word in an Irish Taxi for fear of your life!) is happening in France, the disputes start today.
I wonder if the French .........Renowned for their protesting abilities will have any more luck than our guys had?

Jan. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Taxi drivers across France started a one-day strike today to protest against President Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to change a 70-year-old system by increasing the number of cabs on the streets of Paris, Lyon and other cities.

About 80 percent of Paris's 15,900 taxi drivers will stay off the streets today, their union said. The number of taxis in Paris has barely changed since 1937, when they were capped at 14,000.

``Paris is the only city in the world where you just cannot find a taxi,'' Sarkozy said on Jan. 23.

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