Monday, 7 January 2008

Daytrip ends in Expense and Humiliation

My last job of the night was a long trip to Ardee with a fare of €125.
I picked him up outside the Garda station in Pearse street, turned out he'd spent the past three hours in a cell!
He'd come down for the Christy Moore concert in Vicar Street, he and eight pals had paid €37 to a mini cab driver for the return journey.
During the gig he needed to pee but rather than queue he left the premises (he got his hand stamped so he could get back in) walked a few yards down the road and pissed against the wall, unsurprisingly the bouncers refused him permission to return after witnessing this, he kicked up a bit, howling abuse at the bouncers and causing a scene, at which point the police were called. He continued to pile abuse at the bouncers and even tried to barge his way back into the club, this was the step too far and he was handcuffed, put in the back of a riot van and brought to Pearse Street station.
By the time I got him he was suitably chastised and sorry for his actions.
I couldn't help feel sorry for the poor idiot!
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