Monday, 7 January 2008

The Pajama People

I finally snared one of the Pajama people;
These are girls who walk around in their pajamas, you can see them out walking dogs, shopping,and going to and from friends houses. Notices have been put up in shops and restaurants saying no admittance wearing Pajamas and recently Temple Street hospital issued a press announcement asking visitors not to wear pajamas as one young visitor was refused exit, with staff thinking she was an escapee!
She was standing on Dame Street in her cotton PJs and slippers, when she flung out her hand for a Taxi I jammed on the brakes, I wasn't going to miss this .
"Howya luv (destination)" she said "it's bleedin' freezin' out dere, me tits are about to fall off with the cold"
She was a very attractive north inner city girl, the type it would be very difficult to embarrass.
"Nice Jammies" I said
"Do you have a fuckin' problem with that" she replied.
"No!", I said, " each to their own I guess, I always wondered why you do it though, they're hardly very flattering and you are a very good looking girl."
"I'm not tryin' to flatter anyone mister, you should see me when I am" she said ..smiling, "they're comfy , it's not like I'm naked ! everthing is well covered up. what's the harm in it?"
ERRR, nowt I s'pose, just seems unusual that's all, how many pairs of pajamas do you have? I asked.
"about twenty" she replied, "I change them three times a day" she replied.
What! I said .....surprised, "Why don't you just change into (normal) outdoor clothes and be done with all the hassle?"
"because I don't like wearing underwear" was her reply????????????????????
I decided not to pry any more and the rest of the trip was spent talking about the Taxi industry, turns out her Dad is a fellow driver.

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