Sunday, 20 January 2008

Deepest Darkest Ongar

Ongar is "new" Dublin, it's out beyond Blanchardstown.
It consists of a maze of roundabouts, with sprawling estates to the left and to the right as you drive along.
As happens from time to time, I had a customer tonight utter the terrible line; "Ongar please"
I checked my fuel, bottle of coke, and supply of chocolate before moving of in trepidation.
We arrived in Ongar and I took my instructions.... straight through this roundabout second exit off the next and on and on it went until I was well and truly lost.
Next it was into an estate called "Applewood" and off we went again; second left, fourth right , around the green, second left, then right, until eventually...... I was doubly lost.
"It's a bit of a maze" he said.
"Huh" I replied....... " if you see me in the morning, just give me a bowl of cornflakes and then let me follow you into town!"
He laughed.........well he might!
But behold! technology! no more do I perform a hundred 3 point turns ...... no more guessing the way out from the way the cars are parked....Oh no .....not me!
I press the map on the sat nav........ click "Go Home" and I'm guided...... faultlessly.... back to civilization.
VIVA Technology!
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